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PLEASE NOTE: Gadget Forge is currently being phased out in favor of the Papilio.cc website and Github. Gadget Forge will be left up and running during the transition but please be aware that all new development will be taking place at Papilio.cc and Github and code on Gadget Forge may be outdated.

Welcome to Gadget Forge, the playground to discover what you can do with the power of an FPGA. If you've heard about all the cool things that can be done with an FPGA but aren't sure where to start then Gadget Forge is the place for you. The purpose of Gadget Forge is to collect interesting FPGA projects from around the web and present them in a common format that runs on the Open Source Papilio One FPGA board. Find ready to run projects like a 100Mhz Logic Analyzer, classic Pac-Man Arcade game, Piano Synthesizer, and Soft Processors.
Evaluate Projects
Download ready to run bitstreams that can be loaded onto the Papilio One with no fuss. Bitstreams load in a couple of seconds and let you experience first hand the cool things that can be done with an FPGA.
Learn From Projects
There is no better way to learn then to jump right in and start hacking with a working example. Find a project that interests you, set a goal, and then keep hacking until you get it to work. You will be amazed by how much you will learn in the process!
Once you've made a cool hack then submit a patch for others to enjoy. Ask for help in the forums when you get stuck, and offer a hand to those that are stuck where you were a month ago.
Start Your Own Project
Once you've made your own sweet FPGA project then package it up for the Papilio One and request your own project space. Get resources such as revision control (svn, cvs), wiki, web page, bug tracking, and forums for your project. Manage your own FPGA project just like on Source Forge, but more targeted towards FPGA learning and evaluation.
What is the Papilio One?
The Papilio One is an Open Source Hardware design that is meant to be the "Arduino" of the FPGA world. It is not an Arduino, it is a full FPGA development board, but it embraces the principles that the Arduino was built on. All FPGA projects on Gadget Forge are targeted for the Papilio One board. To learn more about the Papilio One visit its project page, or to purchase a Papilio One visit the store.
What are Wings?
Wings are peripherals that snap into the Papilio One, they are meant to be added into a project "Ala-Carte" as they are needed. Some projects, such as the Pac-Man Arcade project require special hardware such as a joystick port and VGA port. Wings allow that special hardware to be added without having to breadboard or study datasheets, just plug them in as the project specifies and you are ready to go!
What are Cores?
Cores are reusable modules that can be used by full FPGA projects, in most cases the cores are not ready to be used stand alone but need to be integrated into another project.



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Featured Projects

Papilio Arduino IDE

Run Arduino sketches on FPGA hardware! This project adapts the Arduino IDE to use the AVR8 Soft Processor and the Papilio Platform FPGA boards. The AVR8 is an Open Source RISC processor that implements all the registers and instructions of an ATmega103 processor. 

Why would you want to run the Arduino IDE on an FPGA? The answer is rapid prototyping without limits. An FPGA is like a clean slate just waiting to become anything you want. You can do things in hardware with an FPGA that can only be dreamed of on an Arduino. But, it is difficult to design a system from scratch on an FPGA. This AVR8/Arduino project provides an easy to use environment that you are already familiar with that gets you up and running in no time on an FPGA. This provides a great springboard to start exploring the exciting possibilities of an FPGA.

2-Axis Stepper Motor Controller Wing

This is a microstepping single axis stepper motor controller based on Texas Instruments DRV8821 device. It is intended to be used with the Papilio One or Papilio Junior boards It can drive two bipolar stepper motors rated upto 27V and 1.5A, with a simple parallel command interface. The Wing uses a 16-bit Papilio segment.

See also the 1-Axis Stepper Motor Controller Wing project.


Popular Projects

OpenBench Logic Sniffer is an open source logic analyzer hardware design. Its purpose is to provide a hardware platform for the SUMP logic analyzer at the lowest possible cost.

Logic Analyzer
A completely Open Source 32 channel logic analyzer with plugins to debug SPI and I2C protocols. Meant for use with Papilio Platform boards. For a dedicated logic analyzer look at the OpenBench Logic Sniffer.
Papilio One FPGA board
An open source Papilio module based on the Xilinx Spartan 3E.
Papilio One FPGA board
AVR8 Soft Processor
An Open Source RISC processor that implements all the registers and instructions of an ATmega103 processor. Support for the avr-gcc toolchain and the Arduino IDE.
Papilio Junior v2
An open source Papilio board that uses a Microchip PIC18 controller while supporting all Papilio wings and works with Arduino sketches as well.
Papilio Junior v2.0 board
1-Axis Stepper Motor Controller Wing
This is a microstepping single axis stepper motor controller based on Allegro A3979 (or TI DRV8811)device. It is intended to be used with with the Papilio One or Papilio Junior boards. It can drive a bipolar stepper motor rated upto 35V and 2.5A, with a simple parallel command interface.


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Recent Project News
New release that includes bitstreams for all Butterfly Platform boards.
Jack Gassett

A new package has been added to the Files section that includes Logic Analyzer bitstreams for all of the available Butterfly Platform boards.

New version of the Butterfly Wiring/Arduino IDE
Jack Gassett

A new version of the Butterfly Wiring/Arduino IDE has been added under the files section. It adds the following capabilities to the AVR8 core:
-16K Bytes of Program Memory
-Implements PortA-F for 48 I/O lines
-Increases the clock speed to 16Mhz
-Supports Butterfly One board.

MicroSD Wing available at a discount during verification.
Jack Gassett

The MicroSD Wing is offered at a discounted price during the verification phase. Visit http://Shop.GadgetFactory.net for more details.

Linux Quickstart guide for Logic Analyzer was added.
Jack Gassett

A screencast showing how to run the Logic Analyzer under Linux was added to the tutorials section.

Logic Analyzer project is fully operational.
Jack Gassett

The 32 channel Logic Analyzer is up and running on the Butterfly Platform hardware. Head over to the project page to download the compiled client, programming file, and programming client.


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